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   Duos for piano and violoncello
   Duos for violin and violoncello
   Duos for piano and violin

Triple Concertos

(piano, violin, violoncello and orchestra)

Vocal Chamber Music

Vocal Chamber Music

Akos Banlaky
2nd Song Phantasy for baritone, violin, cello, and piano, on poems by Francesco Petrarca
Engellieder (4. Liedphantasie) nach Rainer Maria Rilke, für Sopran und Klaviertrio (2009)

Ludwig van Beethoven
Scottish Songs op.108

Luciano Berio
O King! per voce e cinque esecutori (1967)

Willy Burkhard
Sunday. Cantata on words by Jeremias Gotthelf for medium voice with violin, cello, and piano. Op.63

Aleksandr Fedorovic Gedike
Russian Folksongs for voice, piano, violin, and violoncello. Op.29

Joseph Haydn
A Select Collection of Original Scottish Airs (Hob.XXXIa)

Marijan Lipovsek
Three fragments for voice and piano trio
from the "Devet samopevov" for voice and piano (1952): Nos. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Franz Liszt
Tre Sonetti del Petrarca [R.578]

Sergej Vladimirovic Protopopov
Youth (Sergey Lipsky) for medium voice, piano, violin, and cello. Op.3 (1917)

Armin Schibler
The wedding. Cantata on words by Jeremias Gotthelf for contralto or bass, violin, cello, and piano. Op.15

Arnold Schönberg
Ode to Napoleon (Byron) op. 41

Kurt Schwertsik
Traumstörung. 5 Lieder nach Gedichten von Else Lasker-Schüler und Elfriede Gerstl für Mezzosopran und Klaviertrio, op. 108

Dmitrij Shostakovitch
Suite for soprano, violin, violoncello, and piano (A. Blok) op. 127

Dmitrij Smirnov
Eternal Refuge (on a text from Michael Bulgakov´s "Master and Margarita") for voice and piano trio. Op.10a

Klas Torstensson
In großer Sehnsucht (für Sopran und Klaviertrio)

Egon Wellesz
The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo (G. M. Hopkins) op.61
Sonnets from the Portuguese (Elizabeth Barrett Browning/Rainer Maria Rilke) for soprano and string quartet, op. 52

Stefan Wolpe
La-menatzeach al ha-mecholot (WV 73)