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   Duos for piano and violoncello
   Duos for violin and violoncello
   Duos for piano and violin

Triple Concertos

(piano, violin, violoncello and orchestra)

Vocal Chamber Music

Duos for piano and violin

Johannes Brahms
Sonate No.1, G Major, op.78
Sonate No.2, A Major, op.100
Sonate No.3, d minor, op.108
Scherzo c minor for violin and piano (WoO 2)

Antonín Dvořák
Nocturne (B Major) for violin and piano op. 40 (B 47 bis)
Ballad (d minor) for violin and piano op. 15 (B 139)
Four romantic pieces for violin and piano op. 75 (B 149)

Hanns Eisler
Sonata for violin and piano (Die Reisesonate, 1937)

Aleksandr Konstantinovic Glazunov
Meditation for violin and piano, D Major, op. 32 (G 79)

Edvard Grieg
Sonata No.2, G Major, op.13
Sonata No.3, c minor, op.45

Paul Hindemith
Sonate No.4, C Major (1939)
Sonata (No.4) for violin and piano in C

Leós Janacek
Sonata for violin and piano (1914)

Joseph Joachim
Three Pieces for violin and piano op. 5

Rudolf Karel
Sonata (d minor) for violin and piano op. 17

Hans Pfitzner
Sonata for violin and piano, E minor, op.27

Sergej Prokof´ev
Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano, f minor, op. 80

Maurice Ravel
Sonate (No. 2) pour violon et piano (1923-1927)

Arnold Schönberg
Phantasy for Violin with Piano Accompaniment. Op.47

Franz Schubert
Rondeau brillant, b minor, op.70 (D 895)
Sonata ("Duo") for piano and violin, A Major, op.162/D 574

Robert Schumann
Sonata No.1, a minor, op.105
Sonata No.2, d minor, op.121
Sonate No.3, a minor, WoO 27
Phantasy for violin and orchestra or piano, a minor, op. 131

Clara Schumann
Three Romances for piano and violin op. 22

Dmitrij Shostakovitch
Sonata G Major op.134

Ethel Smyth
Sonata a minor op.7

Karol Szymanowski
Sonate d-moll op.9

Aleksandr Moiseevic Veprik
Suite for violin and piano op. 7

Bruno Walter
Sonata A Major for violin and piano (1908/09)